Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paul Madonna - All Over Coffee

This week I am starting a new book project with my lovely friend, Kasia. We have decided to make some drawings of moments or scenes from our day to day lives on pieces of paper which we will send back and forth to each other. We will then bind the pages together, or put them in a box, or staple them, or something like that, when we feel the project is finished.

Kasia has recently moved from London to Aberystwyth, a small sea-side town in Wales and we're both doing mundane office jobs so we are thinking the project might provide an oppotunity for us to focus on the beautiful moments in life. We're constanly moaning to each other about how difficult it is for us to do the jobs we do, so I'm also hoping this will provide a bit of an outlet and a stronger sense of comradeship. I'll post the results when we're finished, it will also be for sale in our shop, I imagine.

We have been looking at the artist Paul Madonna who is the author and illustrator of a beautiful book called All Over Coffee:

Paul Madonna does amazing work, very precise but loose. He puts a lot of thought into waiting for just the right moment to stop looking around. These strips are a reminder to stop now and then and admire a corner of a room, a window or a rooftop. There are lovely details everywhere, at any time, no matter where you live.
– Tony Millionaire, author of Maakies

Kas has an MA in the Visual Language of Performance and we did a degree in Fine Art together. We also share an Etsy shop, Two Hidden Heads. Read Kas's blog, Eyes, Lies and Illusions.


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

I can relate 100% with you guys. Are these your drawings or out of the Paul Madonna book? Where ever they are from, I love every single one!

PS- thanks for the sweet comment.

Eleanor said...

Oh, these are from All Over Coffee... I WISH they were mine! x