Friday, August 1, 2008

The New Book Arts News Letter is Out!

I always look forward to the UWE Bristol Book Arts Newsletter, and this month's is packed full of interesting artists' books, events, exhibition and news. These are a few bits I picked out:

The new online bookstore La Rara is full of contemporary artists' books and multiples:

Eva Vila Pou - Nido Corazón

Jorge Macchi - Object-book

Also new is book arts MySpace style site here with all kinds of interesting images, calls for artists and discussions going on. I'll be joining up today, be my friend!

Circle Press publish limited editions of fine books and prints and now have a new site:

The Mirror Book - Ronald King and John Christie

Dolly - Karen Bleitz

Black sea Letter - Calude Loubieres

A dictionary Story - Sam Winston

Echo Book - Ronald King

That's all for now. Today is the first day of my new diet ( I joined a slimming club) and already I feel quite good and very excited, if a little peckish. This weekend I will be cooking healthy stuff and shopping for beads, a handbag, and a new notebook. Enjoy yours!

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Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

wow! These are great. The black sea letter and dolly are my favorite :) Have a great weekend!