Monday, August 4, 2008

Chris Kenny

299 Children 2005 - Mixed media construction with found photographs

Pastimes 2007 - Mixed media construction with found text

Twelve Houses 2005 - Construction with found text

Qinghai (Map Square) 2007 - Construction with map pieces

Telesterion 2007 - Construction with map pieces

From website - Chris Kenny produces an unexpected kind of poetry with his three-dimensional ‘drawings’ and constructions made from twigs, fragments of maps and strips of found text. Objects or phrases of the same type are mounted on pins and organised in a way that suggests an intention to rationalise the differences between them. Represented by England & Co, he will have recent works included in the gallery's Summer Exhibition.

It's a quiet post from me today. I feel a bit flat... back to my normal self tomorrow I hope! x


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

such interesting pieces! thanks for posting them.

hope all is well with you :)

Unknown said...

I love his work, so quiet and serene, yet screams at you!