Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some new work...

...of mine. It's now available in my shop and more detailed images on my website. What do you think?

Speaking of my website, I have updated it a bit. Please give me some feedback, I think it's urgent. :)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. x


louloulovesbooks said...

Hi Eleanor
I went to your website (didn't realise you had one until I saw the post)'s very smart. You have a lot of work on there. I'm going to go back in a bit and have a proper read, savour it properly.
Next time I get my links page updated on my website I'll get my web guru to add you. (if that is ok?)
All the best from Louise (louloulovesbooks)

Krissy said...

Love the new work!

Your website is crisp, clean and efficient. Perfection :)

kariann said...

this is wonderful!

Abigail Thomas said...

i like that, are they all photos of book edges?

Eleanor said...

Thank you very much, yes, they are. I just lined them all up and snapped away, I was just faffing around really. I need to do more because the effect is really beautiful.