Friday, February 13, 2009

I really, really, can't BELIEVE I missed this...

Gary Kachadourian's solo show at the Gormley gallery. Oh yes, I can... it's in Baltimore, Maryland. Darn it... the show finished in December.

The prints are all from 8.5″x11″ drawings that are scanned at 1200dpi and then converted to life size. The files that are used for the prints are TIFF BITMAPS at 200dpi. The largest sections are 170″x36″, trimmed and taped together.
I can think of at least a hundred things which I would like to print life size. I quite fancy doing the whole of the inside of my house and sticking it onto the ceilings. What about a roller coaster? Or an extra few of me, just hanging out? Or... got any good ones? Actually, this reminds me of a huge still life drawing I did at college. I miss so much of my old work which I was stupid enough not to document at the time. That would be my biggest tip for new artists and makers - PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING!

Oh yes, I found this over at Printeresting.

I have a hugely busy work-making weekend planned. Also, we're off the the wonderful Troubador for our romantic Valentine's evening, which will include food, wine, and good live music. I hope you all have a lovely time, whatever it is you're doing.

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