Friday, February 20, 2009

A couple of things I'd like to share...

Alison Pullen - I have fallen in love with these mixed media works on paper.

Alison paints a room using pages of interior design magazines. Finding a viewpoint which she finds interesting and challenging, she goes through hundreds of pages of these magazines, composing an abstract image based in light and darker tones from which she paints on top making the interpretation of the space becomes realistic. The ending result is a dominant image of the room but it coexists with a foundation, the photograph of a totally different room beneath, a technique she developed and mastered over several years.
- quote from Start Space website. Start Space is another brilliant shop on Columbia road. I went there last weekend, just as the flower market was closing up. I highly recommend it. I got a huge bouquet of lovely flowers for £10, and a mini cupcake from here. YUM!

Charley Harper - I have never come across these prints before, but I think they're stunning. The colours, the geometric shapes, and I never tire of the odd bird. Look at the owl in flight as part of the flock of birds. Ha! Love him! You can buy these prints at Elphick's, 160 Columbia Road, London.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. I have just updated my website, I know it looks like a template, and that the photos are awful, but what do you think? Can anyone give me the name of a not-too-expensive person who might do a little site for me?

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Wow! Very nice works!