Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lizanne van Essen - White Books

Lizanne van Essen has a lot of interesting work on her site. Of course my favourite are the white books. I will never tire of all-things-white. To me, there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a book full of white pages. Isn't it lovely how, even though the photographs are all of white objects, there are so many different colours.

The sculptural books evolved from a delight in pure form, with the play of light creating shadows and volume. I was also excited by the combination of delicate detail and strength, and of simplicity and complexity - also by the surprise element created when the flat book covers opened to reveal thrusting sculptural forms. Sometimes I like to combine images and words and colour, fracturing them with cuts, but at other times I like to emphasize the geometry and symmetry of abstract sculpture.
- Taken from artist's statement.

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