Monday, July 7, 2008

Jade Pegler

Now, I have posted a couple of images of Jade Pegler's work before but after looking some more at her work today I felt I wanted to mention her again. Jade is an Australian artist who works with "paper and textiles [and] combines a range of techniques including papiermache, bookbinding, hand and machine stitching, collage and origami" (from website). Jade's books are obsessively and intricately worked into and experimental in form. The combination of tying, stitching, cutting, drawing and folding is something I would like to play with more in my own work. Her quirky and delicate drawings and sculptures are beautiful, tactile and absurd, and I love the photos of her workspaces. Her piece Proscenium Machinium reminds me of another of my all time favourite artists Annette Messager... that reminds me...

Jade also has a blog and a Flickr page.

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Laura said...

How amazing, I found Jade's work when I was at art school and love the way she moulds the qualities of the paper and textiles!