Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Caseroom Press

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The Caseroom Press is an independent publisher with an interest in art, languages and poetry. I really enjoy the gritty and personal aspect of the books but, although I haven't actually read one in person, they seem to be beautifully printed and produced which creates an unsettling, voyeuristic effect which I love, because I'm really nosy.

The website is visually appealing although I found it a bit confusing. This, however, maybe that is in keeping with the style of the work. They have a couple of call for entries at the moment such as for typewriter art, and poems based on the theme of cycling. The website also links to an interesting article about independent publishers here.

Book ReMark - a bookmark notebook for thoughtful readers (letterpress) from The Sherwood Press' Etsy Store (this image is supposed to relate to the following item?!)

I also want to mention a programme called Can't Read, Can't Write which is on Channel 4 (UK). This is the most touching programme I've seen for quite a while about a group of adults who have never successfully been taught to read or write. It's interesting to witness the effect that not understanding words has on these people. One very poetic lady suggests that, to her, a page of text is a beautiful drawing. She also says that, where before she could read, a walk was a very quiet and serene affair but now she can read she feels like she's being shouted at from every shop window and advertisement. I am going to think some more about how these ideas could affect my work. I find that I deliberately avoid using text because I constantly strive to acurately explain my ideas visually but I think I could make more of the lack of text. More about this another time, I think, maybe.

Paper Font (found on Design for Mankind)

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Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

interesting post!! I think the can't read can't write program sounds awesome. and I feel like you about using visuals instead of text to get ideas across!

karey m. said...

good god. this site is breathtaking. i mean it.

should've known i'd find you from a recommendation by the little lovely blogger above me.

perfection. truly.

/// said...

Wow--- thanks so much for the sweet mention--- your blog is FANTASTIC!!!! WOW!