Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anya Gallaccio at the Camden Arts Centre

Hello! I haven't posted anything for at least a week now, I'm really sorry. It has been a very busy and stressful week, but I'm back now!

And it's a good one to kick off with. Another of my favourite artists, Anya Gallaccio, has a show on a the Camden Arts Centre in London until September 14th. I'm off to see it tonight and on summer Wednesday nights they are having a lovely barbecue from 6pm til 8:30pm in their wonderful garden... Yum!

That Open Space Within

This is what the website says about the show:

Anya Gallaccio's spectacular new installation connects Camden Arts Centre's garden to the galleries, bringing the outdoors inside.

The new piece is firmly rooted in the site, as if nature has broken into the space pushing through the gallery floor and walls. Using organic transient materials, Gallaccio’s intervention is impressive in its visual impact and physicality.

Gallaccio is one of the leading British sculptors of her generation. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2003, she graduated from Goldsmiths in 1988 and in the same year exhibited in Damien Hirst’s 'Freeze', the exhibition that brought together a generation of Young British Artists for the first time.

Gallaccio's work is concerned with nature, beauty and decay, she uses ephemeral materials to refer to the cyclic nature of life and death.

Her sculptures' multi-sensory and experimental elements allow you to engage with the rich tactile qualities. Past installations include real chocolate and sugar, rotting and decayed fruit, and trees cast in bronze.

Some more of Anya's Work:

Preserve Beauty


Because Nothing has Changed - shortlisted for the 2003 Turner Prize


Rosebud Collection said...

They are beautiful..What an idea..We see things like this all the time, yet would never think of doing what she did..Wonderful.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

wow! gorgeous :)

hope all is well with you.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Oh my... I love the new banner!

Eleanor said...

Oh, you do? Thank you!