Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sketchbook Series - Holly Ormrod

During my Master's degree in Book Arts at the University of the Arts London, I met an amazing artist, and wonderful person who quickly became one of my closest friends. Holly Ormrod is the subject of today's Sketchbook Series. This is what Holly says about her sketchbooks;

For me, my studio space is my sketchbook.
Rather than confining my sketches thoughts and ideas to the rigid format and
systematic order of a bound book, i find the act of collecting and adding to my
creative space far more suited to my organic way of working. Sketchbooks hit the
reflections of our minds at different points and at different places, through my
studio space i can physically juxtapose or group together these ideas or items i
have collected to give them different meaning. For me environment is crucial to
creativity and inspiration.

Take a look at her jealousy-provokingly beautiful website here.

Thank you Holly for letting me show your photos! If you would like to share yours, please comment and I'll be in touch very soon.


Laura said...

what a wonderfully inspiring artist friend you have! Holly's interview is really interesting and made me think about my studio space and how I don't consider how much the walls are my canvases too :)

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Nice space she has there, but I LOVE her work! Great link- thanks!

Laura Bray said...

Very inspiring post. I look forward to peeking at more artists' creative processes!