Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay, I gave it a go.

I said I would try my hand at making a paper dress up doll. Well, here she is. I'm quite pleased with her. She's drawn and cut out of beautiful handmade Japanese paper. I like to use this paper for a lot of my work and books. I am going to extended sketchbook weekend to sketchbook week because no-one wants to show me their sketchbook, apparently. If you have a picture to show, please let me know. I'll post some of mine up later, to get the ball rolling. The paper doll will be in my Etsy shop any moment now.


Laura said...

Hi E,
I would love to take part in your share your sketch book! I think it's a great idea and I'll do a post about it on Wednesday. I use different papers and textures to doodle on and would be happy to share. Where do you want me to send the images? I can convo you on etsy with my email address if you like. I love your paper dress up doll, a proper lady, with large pants, hehehe !

DivaDea said...

I adore paper dolls. I'm working on some of my own made out of polymer clay, which I suppose means they're not actually PAPER dolls :)

Laurel said...

Hey...did you sneak in and use me as a model when I wasn't looking??


HI, I found you on Etsy and your stuff is super-cute!

Rosebud Collection said...

Good I said before..Loved paper dolls..I had Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor and so many others..Did a dumb thing, when I was younger..gave them to my god child and they didn't last a week..