Friday, June 6, 2008

Tate Modern Bookshop

Hello and happy Friday!
The other day I popped into the Tate Modern to take a look around the bookshop. I purchased the Tate Artists Timeline (as recommended by my friend and Etsy shop co-owner, Kasia) which is now in print as well as painted on the wall on concourse levels three and five at the museum. I now have it stuck up on my wall. It's a really handy way of getting familiar with all the major movements and artists of the twentieth century. You can also buy it here.

(image from Arthur's Design's Photostream)

I also found a little gem of a book Seven Hundred Penguins which is a collection of Penguin covers. Not only are the covers gorgeous and really bring back some memories, it's also a beautiful, tactile little object.

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Laura said...

Penguin books are close to my heart too! As a student I would rifill through charity shops and find gems by looking for the little logo.