Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Etsy things I really want... hint hint...

I have been interested in architectural/road plans and diagrams since I was little, when my Dad brought them home for me to colour in. I find the delicate, brittle paper and fine lines, numbers and mark-making quite beautiful. I have also loved moths and insects since I discovered one of my favourite artist's books, Night Flyers by Joseph Scheer. So, Tricia McKellar's Plans and Diagrams series are a perfect fusion of loveliness, for me. I also think her bird prints are wonderfully haunting and mysterious. 

Romance on Ice rubber bracelet from The Girl with a Curl... how unusual! And I love her use of colour.

I just love these quirky lampwork beads by Djinn Glass . I have been admiring the gummi bears for ages. 

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