Tuesday, May 12, 2009


GAY = SIN from Matthew Brown on Vimeo.


Unknown said...
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Jen Bradford said...

Terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

im really apposed to this. Its says gays destroy life, but doesn't really say how.

I want to keep openminded about sexuality, but I really can't when stuff like this is still being made.

Its the same to me as hating black people, predjudice against women or any of those things.

Ok, so in most (if not all) religions, homosexuality is a sin. If you believe that, its fine.
But lying is a sin, hurting someone is a sin, self harm is a sin, murder is a sin and so on.

I'm pretty sure in the bible is says God Loves ALL his children and that ALL SIN IS EQUAL in the eyes of God.

Just my opinion. Hope you resect it x

Eleanor said...

Pinpincreations, I actually am gay myself. I find this video video very poiniant. It is not meant to be hateful, but instead meant to show how hateful others can be in the name of god.