Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jonathan Callan

Jonathan Callan’s fascination with materiality has manifested itself in dismembered books, texts, maps and photographs often choosing to work with objects and
images that in themselves are considered to have little or no inherent physicality.
He painstakingly amplifies the physical aspects of photographic emulsion, printed texts, printed colour plates and maps.

Callan takes that which is readable and comprehensible and turns it into something that appears to defy its form. The book becomes an object not to be read, but experienced - sometimes exploded into thousands of pieces and at other times twisted or pumped full of silicone.


Anna Betts said...

Wow, amazing stuff! I love the one with the black silicone, I can't stop looking at it!

Liz said...

OOooh, amazing work !!!
thanks ! ;)

French Blast said...

very creative work

Anonymous said...

truly original work---i'm really impressed! the sculptural one is my fave for sure. you find the best artists!

Anonymous said...

OH ! I'm discovering your blog this week, and it's becoming my favourite blog...i invite you to make a little visit on mine...(i'm a french papercut artist)...see you soon and congratulations for your so interesting blog. Amicalement...à bientot !

Anonymous said...

Hi im currently studying your work for a college proj and was wondering if you could email me some info about your map work which i find particularly interesting, just so i can get an insight into the idea behind the piece. Thanks