Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few artists to take a look at...

Jane Hyslop

Paul Salt

Boxed, bottled and booked works reappraise and explore our interdependent relationship with nature and the landscape. My work falls into specific areas of interest, each containing a series of books. TAKING THE WATERS - BEACH DRIFTING - RIVER THINKING - PLACE

Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith works in the mediums of drawing, painting, print, artists books and video. Her work explores the relationship between form, process and concept. She creates processes that reflect a particular place or moment in time. Described as "deceptively simple", this work is subtle, meditative and pared down, yet holds unexpected surprises when observed in close proximity.

P.S. Is something going wrong with my blog? All the pictures seem to be getting cut in half lately.


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Looks fine to me!
You always find the best stuff :)

sarahelizabeth said...


Laura said...

Pics seem fine to me. These are amazing artists, I love the overdrawn books by J Hyslop. Thanks again for sharing your finds with us, I just wouldn't know where to start :)